GBGH Jewelry’s designer Jackie Barbosa creates  jewelry that enhances the individual freedom of her clients. The complexity of human beings, layered with the duality of nature’s calm and urban chaos, inspire her intricate designs.

 Jackie’s jewelry journey began early in her life. Growing up on a farm in Brazil’s countryside, surrounded by wild animals, As a  curious young girl and would sneak into her mother’s closet to try on the accessories she kept hidden from her children. The confidence she felt when she put on her mother’s jewelry was so strong that she became inspired to start her first jewelry line at the age of nineteen. As a designer, her goal has always been to allow her wearers to feel as she felt in her mother’s jewelry: powerful, free, and beautiful.

As Jackie explored her creativity, she pushed herself to search for new materials and shapes, leading her to discover her passion for exotic statement jewelry after experimenting with large, raw crystals. These designs gave birth to the concept of GBGH Jewelry, which stands for “Go Big or Go Home”, a motto that not only guides her designs, but her life.

The bold metal designs using complex, textural details GBGH Jewelry is known for today, came to life through many years of relentless experimentation, combining ancient craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and Jackie’s proprietary artistic process.

Barbosa accepted an invitation to study for her Master of Arts in Jewelry Design at London’s Central Saint Martins in 2017, seeing it as an opportunity to broaden her knowledge and skills. Two years of formal training and research at the university has allowed her to take her sculptural, textural designs to the next level.

Today, the brand’s loyal cult following worldwide includes bold and stylish women. GBGH has been featured in Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar and Nylon, Women’s Wear Daily, and more.

Each piece is made-to-order, responsibly sourced and manufactured locally in ethical workshops in New York City.