While searching for the most unique designs, self-taught Jackie Barbosa began making her own jewelry. After realizing that bold, statement pieces set the tone for her work, she christened her line GBGH, short for Go Big or Go Home.

Inspired by energy flow and abstract art, Jackie’s collections are designed in London and all the pieces are made in New York, with her own secret technique. “I start with a wax mold, where the sculptures happen, and then I play with metal. It’s like a child’s game.” Her jewelry is crafted in a full range of metals, from bronze to yellow and rose gold.

GBGH’s chunky pieces and raw shapes form the core of Jackie’s signature style. “The lack of uniformity is the essence of my designs.” Featured in international magazines including Vogue, Elle and WWD, GBGH’s pieces have a touch of surrealism not commonly seen in jewelry designs. “Challenge is what moves me, so I’m always looking for something new. I’m not afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone, because that’s what inspires me.”